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Hey, Amanda Abella here...Amazon best-selling author, business writer and online business coach to millennials. And I'm here to share some fascinating stats with you.
In June of 2015 MSN published an article that said the 9 to 5 job is dying.
53 million people are currently self-employed. (The Freelancers Union).
1 in 3 millennials already have their own business. (Young Entrepreneur Council)
46% of millennials want to start their own business in the next 5 years. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)
If you've stumbled upon this page chances are you either already have your own business or want to start one.
The good news is the market is ready for you to do it.
I started online 5 years ago as a freelance writer. Back then, there wasn't as much support and opportunity for online entrepreneurship as there is today. But now we know better.
On average, self-employed individuals make 45% more money than those who are regularly employed.
Running your own business gives you the freedom and flexibility you need to live your life.
Entrepreneurship allows you to diversify your income. It's one thing to lose a client because you haven't lost all of your income for the month. It's another thing to lose all of your income if you lose your job.
Thanks to the internet, the costs involved in running a business are lower than ever.
 And thanks to the internet, you have access to a FREE VIDEO course where I teach you the SIX STEPS to creating a viable business with the intention of helping you quit your day job.
Lesson 1: Seeing Your Job Differently
Lesson 2: Crunching Numbers
Lesson 3: Finding People Who Will Pay You
Lesson 4: Sales Training
You'll also get access to the Make Money Your Honey Facebook group and 3 worksheets to help you implement the material in this free course.
Worksheet #1: Creating an Effective Sales Funnel
Worksheet #2: How to Handle Excuses Like "I Can't Afford It"
Worksheet #3: How to Be Assertive So You Don't Waste Time & Lose Money

You can have my NEW video series - both the PDF worksheets AND the full training videos. This is the proven blueprint that's been used over and over by Make Money Your Honey students who've been able to cut their day job hours in half or quit jobs they hated while building a business that supports them.
This isn't a wishy washy "Make Money Blogging" promise. This are real, tangible steps that work. I don't just teach you how to publish a blog, I teach you how to crunch numbers and make sales.

Why am I giving it away? Because I know that some of the people who download it for free will eventually want to upgrade to a membership in the Make Money Your Honey Academy. But whether you decide to upgrade or not... you can have the full video course for free. Take it as a free gift from me... no cost, and no obligation.

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